Friday, January 3, 2014

First update of 2014!!!!

Greetings and salutations all! We are happy to see you all still living and mostly in tact after another hellish year. This year will bring new happenings from the likes of Failed Recordings and we hope you enjoy every minute of it.

On to the juicy bits...

- First on the agenda are 3 new releases:

Red Necklace - S/T cassette

The recorded debut of this Chattanooga, TN duo. Monolithic blackened doom. Recorded by Alex Norfleet (Loss, Mourner) and mastered by Dan Lowndes (Pallbearer, Anhedonist, Cruciamentum)
Needless to say, this thing is a beast. Get an (unmastered) glimpse here:

Crown of Bone / Die Reitenden Leichen - Split CDR

Black noise from Indiana collides with German black HNW. An epic in the making that is sure to terrify. Limited to 50 copies.
Crown of Bone bandcamp
Die Reitenden Leichen bandcamp

Shadowless - Void CDR

40+ minutes of horror. Dark ambient/black noise/deathdrone. Hope crumbling. Fear triumphant.
Comes in a DVD case. Samples here:

- In other news, sleep easily knowing that the ETFU compilation is still underway. There have been setbacks, but we are men of triumph and will make sure that this sees the light of day. You deserve it, trust us.

- Also don't forget about out most recent releases by Loomer and Millipede, which are still available in our store and are well worth your time and money.

Until next time, friends.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


 These have been at the press for a bit, but they are finally here and turned out great!!! Here's the details!


 Loomer's "Ceiling" album (FR-10)was originally released on CD in Australia back in 2010. We here at FR felt that an album as great as this deserved another pressing (as did Lost Race Records who just pressed the LP). Fans of bands such as Sonic Youth, Unwound, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Loop would be wise to check this out!A track by track review via Messed And Noise
Another review via Gypsy Death and You.
Stream the whole album via Lost Race Records


  You may remember Millipede from the split cassette with Neon Viking Funeral we put out a while back. If you foolishly didn't follow his releases since then, you missed out on the incredible "Realms" album (available from Dead Pilot Records) and the second volume of his split series with Brian Grainger. Luckily, we here at Failed Recordings can get you back on the right path with our release of the newest Millipede album, "The Lower World" (FR-13).
 Once again armed with his arsenal of guitars, pedals and tape loops, our hero once again travels to the center of the blissed out, shoegazing noise create a sonic map just for you. It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.


"MILLIPEDE is the project of Joseph Davenport, who primarily uses heavily treated guitars to create thick, abrasive, abstract hailstorms of sound...motifs and melodies emerge to listeners who allow themselves to drown in the relentlessly swirling sound pools." - Chattanooga Pulse

"Overload layering for a variety of nerdly senses" - The Wire

"Scathing & grating guitar harshness, a Neil Young worshipper getting high on Skullflower, My Bloody Valentine recording on the surface of the sun" - Anti Gravity Bunny

 Both cassettes are limited to 100 copies. Both contain pro pressed covers and cassettes.

 As always, distros please get in touch if you are interested in copies


Tuesday, May 21, 2013


First up, we just got our copies of the downpour./THETAN split cassette.

"downpour. is from Texas. They like playing burly ass power violence and don't like you. Thetan are from our home state of Tennessee. If you dig drums, distortion, feedback, samples,pissed vocals and killer bass parts, they gotcha covered."
This is a co-release with our bros at Anti-Coperate Music

Also, for the next week or two, we will be having a HUGE sale on all our releasses (except the downpour./THETAN tape). If there's something you have been wanting to get, now is the best time to do so.Check it out here.

 In other news, the Millipede and Loomer cassettes both turned in to the manufacturer last night. Expect nothing but total bliss when both are finally in your grease burn covered hands.Check these links if you don't believe me.

The SE Tenn noise comp is still gonna happen. In fact, it may now have a huge release show to coincide with its release. More details TBA.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Plans for 2013

 As 2012 came to close, it turned out that we had a decent amount of  releases planned for the upcoming (now present) year. Below you will find info on these releases. The sooner we get them out, the more we will plan. Here's hoping we can get our shit together to release the following first though.

  • The East Tennessee noise compilation is STILL happening. We had some major issues with our printer, but now everything is OK. Looking at a March release (hopefully)
  • Next  we are very pleased to announce that we will be handling the US pressing of the debut album by Australia's LOOMER. When I first head their album "Ceiling" I was blown away! I could hear elements of bands such as Sonic Youth, Unwound, and Loop, just to name a few. Loomer is by no means just a mix and match of influences. They definitely have their own thing going for them. We are working on the layout for the cassette version now and hope to have it at the plant ASAP. These will be pro pressed and limited to 100 (as most of our stuff is).
  •  Also coming up is the cassette version of the new SHADOW OF THE DESTROYER lp.This will be our first Black Metal release since the first tape we ever did (for the almighty Argentinum Astrum) and is a co release with our bros at INHERENT RECORDS (who are also doing the LP pressing). I've heard some of the new tracks and they fucking crush! Click the link above to get an example of their older stuff (which also fucking crushes). These will be pro pressed and limited to 100 (as most of our stuff is).
  • Also in the works is a cassette only release from Chattanooga's own melodic death titans UNSPOKEN TRIUMPH. This is still in the planning stages, but I've heard some of the new songs live, and they pretty much kick all of the available ass. More info TBA
Besides these, there are others in the works. Everything from Noise to IDM will hopefully brandish the  FAILED RECORDINGS mark of shame by the end of the year. Thanks for all the support so far, hope you are ready for what we have in store!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ETFU Noise Compilation UPDATE!

Just wanted to update y'all about the noise cassette compilation we are releasing. Below is a write up I did for it, and contains all pertinent information.

I could write a huge, rambling description of this, but I'll just shoot straight with you all. This comp is made up of 9 acts from the east side of Tennessee. Why make this comp? Well, it seems that a lot of people are pretty unfamiliar with what is coming out of our neck of the woods, and I don't really like that. There are tons of great acts coming out of Knoxville, Chattanooga, the Tri City area and all points in between. Everything from weirdo outsider goodness to the nastiest of power electronics. Here's a list of the acts appearing on the tape.

Mannequin Hollowcaust (Kingsport, TN)
Love, Execution Style (Chattanooga, TN)
Millipede (Chattanooga, TN)
Secret Guilt (Chattanooga, TN)
Brain Lesion (Knoxville, TN) ...
Cult Of The Dead Wizard (Chattanooga, TN) no known web presence
Neon Viking Funeral (Chattanooga, TN) ... ng-funeral
Kaontrol Kontraos (Johnson City, TN)
Rurnt (Chattanooga, TN) <---old recordings. don't reflect what I'm doing now.

Now the specs on the tape itself. It's a one time run of 100 tapes. Each one will come in a bag with a booklet featuring info on each artist. I have all the tracks, I'm now just waiting on the artwork (which is pretty close to being complete).